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Louisiana Alumni: Vote Yes On Amendment #1

Louisiana Alumni: The general election is Saturday, December 5th and we join with all other UL System University alumni in support of Amendment 1Whether you early vote or vote on Dec. 5, we hope you will join us in voting yes to Amendment 1. Amendment 1 gives Louisiana voters the opportunity to enhance the membership of our state’s four higher education management boards.

Currently, our four university management boards—Louisiana Community and Technical College System, Louisiana State University System, Southern University System, and University of Louisiana System—are made up of Louisiana residents with diverse interests and expertise. These boards set the strategic vision for the future and manage the operations of Louisiana’s colleges and universities, enriching our institutions with clarity of purpose.

Successful passage of Amendment 1 will broaden board membership through the appointment of up to two out-of-state residents to each management board. Our colleges and universities have alumni and leaders with ties to our institutions throughout the country and around the world. Ideal board members could offer suggestions on how to increase the value of degrees in the workforce, channel donations to helpscholarships, and open doors for internships with leading national companies. Many of these prominent figures would contribute significant value and highly relevant global perspectives to our institutions. In fact, when you look at the makeup of higher education management boards nationally, you will find that 30 other states already permit out-of-state residents to serve their higher education boards. We want our graduates to have every advantage to compete nationally.

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