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Standing Committees


Grambling University National Alumni Association, Inc. has been fortunate to have had several dedicated alums to serve in the leadership roles of this philanthropic organization. GUNAA Committees are a vital part of the association as it is the heart beat of all association activities and planning.  GUNAA is in search of volunteers who are talented and eager to utilize their gifts to positively effect GUNAA and GSU.  Please complete the committee signup sheet to express your interest"




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The Young Alumni Council establishes programs and strategies to increase recruitment and retention of recent graduates.

Co- Chairpersons:

Ashley Dabney, Cameron Jackson

   ByLAWS and


The Bylaws and Constitution Committee is responsible for the upkeep and revision of bylaws and constitution of organization

Chairperson: Robert Killins


The Social Committee is in charge of all social activities of the Association.


David Peterson, Taryn Jones 



The Fundraising Committee is  responsible for all fundraising activities for the Association.

Chairperson: Oluremi Sano



The Homecoming Committee plans and execute plans for Homecoming activities stemming from the Association. The committee also coordinates

Alumni Day Activities and Class Reunions along with the University, Student Affairs and Alumni Affairs.

Chairperson: Torry Dean

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The Awards Committee establishes, evaluate the qualifications, criteria and procedures for awards and to design items for suitable presentation given by the Grambling University National Alumni Association and to make recommendations to the Board of Directors of the names of Alumni members and chapters who are deserving of the awards.


Stavinoha Bradley


The Membership Committee establish programs to increase Membership and retention.


Crystal Sayles 


Technology Committee consist of volunteers willing to work on GUNAA website, virtual events and keeping social media up to date.

Chairperson: Jared Shepherd


The Budget Committee consist of  of the Business Manager, Treasurer and Financial Secretary

Erica West-Green

Joyce Price

David Hins

public relations committee

Public Relations Committee - shall be responsible for monitoring and assessing the proposed decisions and actions of the ULS System and State Legislators of the State of Louisiana; creating a vital network with members of the Louisiana Legislature, and community leaders; providing information concerning national issues that impact the University; developing programs and devising effective strategies to address the concerns of the Association and the University.

Chairperson: Ingrid Johnson, ESQ


Nomination Committee consists of volunteers in charge of nominations for all national elections

Chairperson: Grace Bradford

Special  Committees

IConsist of volunteers willing to administer National Community Service programs, campus revitalization projects a and other projects directed by the organization.agraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.


A growing and dedicated working group of Alumni providing support for the professional development of current faculty and students from Grambling State University’s STEM Departments.

High SchooL

Programs focused on high school students and the pipeline of talent to the university


Strategic plan and positive awareness of GUNAA at this key event

SpringFest/Spring Game

Strategic plans for positive awareness of GUNAA at this key event

Internal Audit

Effective financial process review for continuous improvement needed to meet and exceed financial reporting and needs of stakeholders


Effective Procedures for recruiting and ensuring material availability 

social media

Positive communications and monitoring of activities on social channels


Effective communcations to internal and external stakeholders via newsletters

Chairperson: Errol Blaize

vendor fees

Plans for how to manage vendors, partnerships

Land use proposal

Strategic plans for what we should do with land assets


How to be effective with  lifetime membership assets

and benefits for being a life time member 

national Convention

Planning an effective national convention conducive to conducting business of the association, networking and building leadership capabilities

regional Conferences

Operating procedures for effective regional events

Chairperson: Hope Crawford

football Classics

Ensure  successful alumni events/integration

Chairperson: TBD

chapter Operations

Operating procedures for effective chapters


Capitalize on financial opportunities to enchance our students college experiences

Chairperson: Von Jennings

Mentor PrograM

Every student has access to an alumni professional in their field of choice

PC Program

Every student has a computer to ensure the best classroom  experience possible


Create opportunity for students where alumni are employed and/or has influence



To increase membership, active participation, comraderie and fundraising efforts among specific communities within GUNAA

Divine 9

Focus on needs of Alumni  who are members of this community and current student needs

World Famed

Focus on needs of Alumni  who are members of this community and current student needs

Miss GSU

Focus on needs of Alumni  who are members of this community and current student needs


Focus on needs of Alumni  who are members of this community and current student needs


Focus on needs of Alumni  who are members of this community and current student needs

college of education

Focus on needs of Alumni  who are members of this community and current student needs