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Emergency Message from GUNAA President Thomas Jones Regarding GSU Campus Incidents

Dear Alumni and Supporters,

As many of you are aware, violent and fatal acts took place on the campus of our college home, Grambling State University. Two victims succumbed to gunshot wounds, several were injured and amongst the seven injured one was a student.

We send our sincere prayers and thoughts to the families of the victims and all GramFam who witnessed these tragic events.

The Louisiana State Police are still investigating these incidents, it is our hope that justice will be served. We have communicated with President Gallot and was advised of additional protocols to secure the campus. GUNAA supports President Gallot, our university, staff, and student body as recovery and healing begins.

On Monday, October 18th, GUNAA Executive Committee met and established the GUNAA Law Enforcement/Emergency Committee in an effort to pull together the knowledge and or resources from alumni who work in this field. We are encouraging all fellow alumni with an emergency/law enforcement background to join us as we develop an advisory committee to assist GUNAA and our university with future endeavors. If you are interested, please signup via the GUNAA Emergency/Law Enforcement form found at

As a result, we as leaders, alums, and key stakeholders in our Dear Alma Mater are communicating the below suggested measures to be added to existing safety measures if they are not already in place:

• Continuous Presence of Law Enforcement. (Ex. Mounted, Foot, Patrol, etc.)

• Cameras in areas of Outside Gatherings.

• Fence & Credentialing to Enter All Outside Events.

• Stiff Punishments. (Fines, Penalties, Jail Time)

• Fees to Be on Campus (Ex. Pay to Park anywhere on Campus)

• Curfew for All Events.

• Marketing for Rules & Penalties.

• Random Car Checks.

Again, we are extending our sincere prayers to the families of the victims as we go through this difficult time together.



Thomas Jones

GUNAA President

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