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The Inaugural GUNAA 1901 Club Initiative

GUNAA Membership and Fundraising Committees launched a new fundraising initiative, the GUNAA 1901 Club. The GUNAA 1901 Club initiative is designed to increase incentives for life members and most importantly to fund three key fundraising priorities:

1. Scholarships via Endowments

2. Campus Revitalization Projects (such as the Student Resource Center and Athletics Refuel Stations)

3. Operational Enhancements.

The 1901 Club is an ambitious initiative that will assist GSU and GUNAA through financial gifts and/or donations. Life members who join, will receive trinkets, GUNAA incentives and an exclusive 1901 Club cardigan as a token of appreciation. To join and learn more about the 1901 club, please visit

Alumni, let’s do our part! Let’s Build Together and strengthen our National Alumni Association while providing needed resources for GSU students and our dear university.

Join the GUNAA 1901 Club, Today!

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